Andrew Siminoff (aka Brover) is my best man and "little" brother. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife Robin and their two children Dylan (4) and Logen (1). Andy works for Ellsworth Bicycles and he will be celebrating his 33rd birthday on May 24, 2003. I am planning to buy him a new pair of training wheels as a birthday present.
David Samson is my fraternity brother from UC Santa Barbara. He lives in San Francisco and works as a tax attorney although I think he secretly dreams about becoming a cabinet-maker. His nickname is Willy but I like to call him Dapid.
Donald Marks is my fraternity brother from UC Santa Barbara. He lives in San Francisco with his wife Gabi. Don and Gabi were recently married in Cape Town, South Africa. Don can do an amazing Tim Allen impersonation... be sure to ask him for a demo'.
Sam Minster is my fraternity brother and roommate from UC Santa Barbara. We also lived together in Los Angeles for several years. At a party in our apartment we watched in hysterics as a woman ate our dog's beef jerky treats from the jar on top of the 'fridge. Also there was that one time... oh, nevermind. Sam currently lives in Encino, California with his wife Lisa and their two children Lauren and Shane.
Scott Pastrone and I have been friends for a long long time, as a matter of fact he was the very first person I met after moving to california in 1977. Scott now lives in Santa Cruz, California with his wife Karen and their three children Jordan, Noah and Mia Soleil. I call him Scooter-Pies because he is my Baaaaalllllllllll.
Dylan Siminoff (aka Mr. Pickles) is my nephew and our ring bearer. Dylan said he might not be able to be in the wedding because he doesn't know how to be a "ring bearing." Dylan turned four in October and, unlike his dad, he no longer needs training wheels.