Wedding weekend events

We are holding our wedding at the Holly Farm in Carmel, California on Memorial Day Weekend, 2003 (Friday, May 23 - Monday, May 26, 2003). The Holly Farm is a private five acre village-like estate which allows us and a few friends and family to stay for the whole weekend. We are hoping that everyone will have a chance to relax and enjoy time with us. Please take a look at the events we have planned for everyone, including an afternoon BBQ on Saturday and the wedding and reception on Sunday (adults only).

Please book your accommodations as soon as possible because the Carmel area over Memorial Day Weekend will fill quickly. We have provided information about accommodations to help you.

Also remember there is a lot of traffic getting from the Bay Area Peninsula / San Jose and San Francisco airports to Carmel on Friday evening during the evening commute from about 4:30pm to 7:30pm.

Bay area friends and family

Consider staying in the Carmel area for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday night). There will be events both days and we have the Holly Farm to ourselves all weekend, including late night celebrating! Erin from the Holly Farm tells us that every weekend she has locals in her office at 10:45pm the night of the wedding trying to find last-minute accommodations because they didn't realize they would want to stay at such a terrific spot.

Out of town friends and family

We have provide an outline of the weekend's events so that you can plan your travel. We encourage you to stay as long as you can to enjoy the wedding and the surrounding area. If you'd like more info to plan your trip, contact us and we're happy to share our thoughts.